Velaiyilla Pattathari

The movie Velaiyilla Pattathari has two dialogues which I believe establishes the kind of fun it’s going to offer its viewer. One is when our central protagonist compares his bad luck in life with the Titanic story and the second one is in the second half where again our main character explains his struggle to reach where he is now in a breathless one minute long dialog. The first one is witty with natural expression and the second one is a heroic masala item which you will surely enjoy.

The story is about Raghuvaran, a civil engineering graduate who hasn’t got a job in the branch he studied. His father continuously teases him for not getting employed while his 3 year younger brother has started earning a relatively big salary. The love life, frustrated professional life, mother influenced personal life and that final phase where he proves his significance by doing something extraordinary is what this film all about.

Without a doubt Dhanush is the star of the show. The movie demanded so much from its central character in terms of attitude and Dhanush brought it perfectly. The first half of the movie is in the light hearted zone but the humour was so natural that you will easily connect with the characters. Romance also gets a sensible visualization. In the second half things goes to an emotionally congested phase and the awkwardly abrupt transformation of Raghuvaran is covered up with the help of some attitude dialogs.

Dhanush is superb as Raghuvaran especially in the first half where he portrayed the frustration of the jobless effortlessly without losing the humour Velraj brought in his writing. Amala Paul’s character didn’t have much exposure but she was nice in her character. Saranya Ponvannan was really good as that supportive mother. The father avatar of Samuthirakkani was interesting and he was too good in his character. Surabhi lacked expression. Vivek’s character never annoyed the flow of the script.

Velraj can take the credit for making the film entertaining even without typical methods in scripting. Some question most engineering graduates/ drop outs wants to ask the society were rightly addressed in the movie. And by adding some commercial flavours to these questions he manages to throw the spotlight on them. Script was entertaining in the first half. It went to a predictable and slightly exaggerated level in the second half. Dhanush appearing in different looks kind of spoils the fun. Edits were poor. Music was good. That last fight reminded me of Transporter.

Overall, Velaiyilla Pattathari is a good entertainer that will work for you. My rating is 3/5 for Dhanush’s 25th movie. There are some really memorable scenes in the first half that will TOUCH present day engineers from middle class backdrop who struggled a lot to get a job.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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