Hate Story 2

The title has hate and the tagline contains vengeance but the movie hate story 2 looked really funny because of its pathetic performances, shoddy script and lame technical backup. The first film in the franchise was a decent thriller that used the erotica concept in an interesting way, but here it’s just plane revenge presented in a totally dull way.

The story focuses on the life of a young girl Sonika who is forced to live the life of the mistress of a powerful Maharashtra politician Mandar Mhatre. She isn’t offered freedom to live her life and when she tries to escape from this life after falling in love with someone, Mandar punishes her badly. This episode of hate story tells us how Sonika takes revenge on the ones who destroyed her life.

The story of the movie moves in a very predictable and dry manner that will never create a curiosity in our mind. As I said the previous film was an erotic thriller that wasn’t mere skin show. Here without a doubt there is no thrill and erotica is just there in the posters. Heard that the sensors removed a lot of scenes, but frankly the writeup of the female character doesn’t make her look like someone who will use her body to take revenge on someone.

The acting of every single person in the film was poor. Surveen Chawla can’t do much to her always weeping character. Jay Bhanushali was funny with his acting. When he speaks English I was finding it hard to resist my chuckle. And in one song in the second half his acting was pathetic. His lips were moving as if he was saying I am thirsty. The villain played by Sushanth Singh also screams and slams objects awkwardly making it look over dramatic. The only person who showed some standard was the actress who portrayed the role of Manthar Mathre’s wife. That police officer was unimpressive.

Direction was sloppy. Thrill was never there in the treatment. Screenplay is unbaked. Hate story 1 at least tried to involve contemporary situations but here everything looked unappealing. Dialogs at many occasions reminded me of the Sony TV television series CID (that poor). Cinematography was okay. Edits were poor. Music was kind of good. VFX was lame – Jay looked like Surf Excel ad model in post death scenes.

So to sum it up Hate Story 2 is utter bore. If you are going for this movie to watch Sunny Leone, I hope you know that there are better places than cinema halls for that purpose. The rating is 1/5 for hate story 2.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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