It has its flaws in the treatment at many occasions in the first half and a bit of exaggeration, but still the latest Lal Jose movie Vikramadithyan is a good entertainer that works as a onetime watch. With the star cast delivering an output beyond the expectation of its audience, Vikramadithyan definitely won’t bore you.

The story focuses on the life of Vikram and Adithyan. They are childhood friends and there is a competitive spirit among them to be the best. While Vikram took it in the right spirit Adithyan was kind of egoistic about it. The back story involving the parents of our title protagonists and the basic rivalry, complicates the plot when both of them decides to go for SI selection. The problems and patch ups after this is what Vikramadhithyan discussing.

The first half of the movie is comparatively dull as it has too many flashbacks that disrupt the tempo and the fun was missing. But the second half hits back strongly with humour and liveliness. Even though the climax twist was a bit over the top, the rendering made it look good on screen. Film demanded a considerable time gap between the present day and the flashback, but sadly Lal Jose couldn’t create that.

On screen Dulquer Salmaan was very impressive as the frustrated Adithyan who also has this quirky side. He made his character likeable by adding some fresh juice in it. Unni Mukundan hasn’t done anything extraordinary but existing in this movie as a pivotal character and finishing the game without a single howl is a great achievement when you look at his track record and a good share of credit should go to Lal Jose for this transformation. Namitha Pramod was pretty and good as Deepika. Anoop Menon did well in his Shenoy avatar. Lena was extremely good in her character that had different looks. I don’t know the name of the actor who played the role of Adithyan’s father, but he was good in his role. Nice performance from rest of the cast including Joy Mathew, Sidharth Siva and many more. I was really happy to see people applauding heavily when Nivin Pauly was introduced in a very simple manner and he was quite nice in that role.

Technically, Lal Jose has done a good job in getting the best out of his actors. In terms of treatment, both script and direction were sloppy in the first half. While Iqbal Kuttippuram’s script had too much of a moody feel at many occasions, the direction showed an uneven tempo. The movie gets in to a good rhythm in the second half and I believe that energy has helped the script to overcome the slight exaggeration which wasn’t given the required depth. Jomon’s cinematography was really good and the editing was also nice. Liked the combined output of cinematography and edits in that first half fight between the title characters. Music and BGM was a bit orthodox from Bijibal and it was nice too. Art was good.

Overall this Eid product from Lal Jose and team is enjoyable. Technically its good, the performances are impressive and the story is fair enough to please you. The rating is 3/5 for Vikramadithyan.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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