7aam Arivu

Saw the much hyped Surya starer “7aam Arivu.”. Well in one word I can say its a disappointing Film. The level of excitement it created through the promos was not attained. I felt the director Murugados tried a little Shankar style for this film. This is not a crap concept. The idea of Bodhidharma n all was cool. But a poor screenplay and pathetic visual effects made the movie a huge disappointment.

The only good thing I found interesting is the character of Bodhidharma. The intention of Murugados was to make us realize how much the world admired that Monk whose origin is from south India. But the directors method of showing it was a total failure. I dont know why he tried to add so much of “I Am Proud to Be A Tamil” type feel into the movie. That gives a feel of racism in our minds. Atleast in my case.

Performance wise, Surya has given his complete energy to the film. Even-though ARVIND has more number of scenes I liked his graceful face as Bodhidharma. Sruthi Hassan was doing fine in the first half. But in the second half she disappoints, especially in dialog delivery. The Villain is super cool. Many times the Audience clapped for DONG LEE’s coolness.

In the behind the scenes section, direction is not bad. The required fire was not there in the Dialogs. And to make it worst the second half screenplay was a total downer. I still cant understand why AR Murugados, who produced “Engeyum Eppothum” which has an amazingly executed accident scene, went for such a pathetic visual effects for his dream project. If that Long VFX sequence in the second half were Dong Lee tries to Kill the lead pair was executed like the way ENGEYUM EPPOTHUM accident sequence was executed, I think many of the negative reviews might have become positive. Because of that scene’s imperfection the audience didnt felt that anger which was there inside the leading characters.
If you are making a movie, it should be perfect.

There is no point in wasting Crores of money in poor technical support and boasting about the movie. Even in the Kung Fu fights were not extra ordinary. Many area we felt the ROPE effect.The cinematography of Ravi K Chandran is a treat. Songs are OK. But many of them were not in sync with the movie. The “Yamma Yamma” song by SPB almost reminded “Ava Enna Enna” from Vaaranam aayiram and that breakup scene wasnt that great.

I am going with 2.5/5 for Director AR Murugados’s “7aam Arivu”
Intention is good.
Execution is Bad.
and Result is Sad.

(Strictly Personal View)

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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