Ra. One

Well, the most expected movie of this year, may be the biggest ever Indian film in terms of budget, Ra.One is a disappointment. If any body has told you its a superb movie, then you can call them DIE HARD SRK FANS. For someone who watches movies for pure entertainment Ra.One is a disappointing craft.

Well, in a sense its pure kinder garden stuff mixed with some naughty non-veg jokes to attract the adults. The poor screenplay gives us stomach ache after having this so called delicious dish, Ra.One. The pace of the screenplay puts the film into trouble and the emotions fails to enter our heart. There is a limit for adding melodrama into a pure FANTASY. At many places Ra.One exceeded that limit and distracted the audience.

In the onscreen side SRK was cool with his performance. I really loved his Michel Jackson dance. And the funny fight at the beginning of second half was also cool. Kareena as the hot Mom was also convincing. Sizzling in dance items and doing her character neatly. The Boy, Armaan Verma also delivered what was required from him. Arjun Rampal had only a little do in this film. I am not going to tell about Arjun’s character, becoz it might spoil the fun. Small roles for Shahana Goswami, Sathish Shah and Tom Wu.

In the technical and writing side, the direction is good. But the story, screen play and the dialogs are too much of an outdated type. Theme is interesting, but not that convincing. Only plus, Ra.One gives to the film industry of India is the VFX. It is as good as SOME of the Hollywood films, and without doubt the best Indian film in that category. Almost every scene that used VFX was executed very neatly. Cinematography is not bad. But nothing much to boast. All other technical stuff like editing, sound mixing etc were done neatly.
Songs were one of the attractions of Ra.One. They are Super Cool. But most of them are fitted into it to make it a typical Bollywood masala. I dont know why they made it in 3D. Apart from the first intro cuts of EROS international Red Chillies and ofcoz the titling of Ra.One, 3D was never used properly.

The only place audience including me really enjoyed was from the beginning of second half up to the intro of Arjun Rampal. That portion also includes the entry of RAJNIKANTH. Apart from that, there wasnt any sequence which created waves among audience.

In my view Ra.One is only one time watch average movie. Ra.One can be used as a subject for MBA. Because SRK’s marketing strategy for this movie is something that should be learned.

I am going with a generous 2.5/5 for Director Anubhav Sinha’s Ra.One. 2 for the movie and .5 for the neat VFX.
(U can have ur own Views I jus said Mine)

Final Thoughts

Ra.One can be used as a subject for MBA. Because SRK's marketing strategy for this movie is something that should be learned.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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