Asha Black

For an argument you can say that this film discusses contemporary issues like online relationships and the problems children have to face these days. But a cinema should be able to create an impact in you. Asha Black directed by debutant John Robinson is a melodramatic junk that is very amateurish in terms of scripting.

Story starts off as an investigation thriller where we get to see a Malaysian police officer investigating a serial killing. He finds out that the only thing that links the victims is that they all have a common facebook friend named Asha Black. The film basically tells us about this mysterious character and her mysteries.

Two stories happening in two different timelines are shown here. On a making level, the amateurishness you feel while watching this is what that makes this movie a boring one. Lots of waste characters like the one played by Richard in the first half are there in the movie. The hero is given a huge transformation in the second half. The emotional high of the character isn’t sensible and the compromised making took away the “big deal” in it. Just a few minutes after the interval, you will be able to guess the twist. And after that Asha Black becomes a tiring watch where even the 115 minutes of run time looked too much.

On screen Arjun Lal makes a less appealing comeback. The actor who promised a lot through Thanmathra couldn’t do anything out of the box to make the sloppy script look better. Sarathkumar just walks around and talks in Tamil and Malayalam (in his own voice). A really really unreal character was given to Manoj K Jayan. I must admit that I loved looking at the cute face of the heroine. Ishita was adorable and unlike many she didn’t disappointed me with her acting.

Direction is sloppy at the key points as John Robinson fails to control the melodrama. The chatting part partially looked good in terms of practicality. Script isn’t that impressive. Dialogues are too cheesy. Cinematography was a big plus. Edits weren’t great. BGMs were okay. Song placing wasn’t that good and the overall music was average.

Overall Asha Black disappointed me very much. If having a message is enough for you to watch a movie, go and watch it. My rating is 1.5/5 for Asha Black. The hope is blank.

Final Thoughts

Asha Black disappointed me very much. If having a message is enough for you to watch a movie, go and watch it.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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