The Adventures Of Tintin

Saw The much anticipated Steven Spielberg movie “The Adventures of Tintin”. Well, in one word its real fun. There isnt any big ERROR to point out. The basic story is about finding the treasure behind UNICORN (people who have seen the cartoon or read the comic will be familiar with it). Even if you know… Continue reading The Adventures Of Tintin


“Velayudham”, A good commercial Entertainer from Ilayadhalapathi. I am not saying its great film n all. Its a typical Vijay film with dance, fun, action and sentimense. Velayudham also joins the league of those Tamil films which are commercial with some amount of social commitment. Just like Anniyan, Indian and Kanthasamy, Velayudham alias Vel played… Continue reading Velayudham

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Ra. One

Well, the most expected movie of this year, may be the biggest ever Indian film in terms of budget, Ra.One is a disappointment. If any body has told you its a superb movie, then you can call them DIE HARD SRK FANS. For someone who watches movies for pure entertainment Ra.One is a disappointing craft.… Continue reading Ra. One

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7aam Arivu

Saw the much hyped Surya starer “7aam Arivu.”. Well in one word I can say its a disappointing Film. The level of excitement it created through the promos was not attained. I felt the director Murugados tried a little Shankar style for this film. This is not a crap concept. The idea of Bodhidharma n… Continue reading 7aam Arivu

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Saw “Sandwich” directed by MS Manu, from Calicut Radha. A horrible comedy film. Actually the makers seems to be confused whether to make this a no brain comedy or a full brain thriller and the confusion gave result to a foul smelling SANDWICH. The film is about Sai, played by Kunchakko Boban, a bright software… Continue reading Sandwich

Engeyum Eppothum

The last time I got surprised on seeing an accident on screen was TRAFFIC. But I was totally shocked seeing the accident sequence in “Engeyum Eppothum”. Engeyum Eppothum can not be said as a story telling type movie. It shows us the different dimensions of a horrible situation. A good theme conveyed with FANTASTIC Technical… Continue reading Engeyum Eppothum

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VEERAPUTHRAN, directed by PT Kunhi Mohammed, about one of our freedom fighters from Malabar, Abdu Rahman Sahib, is a film which required fire, but failed to make even a spark in the minds of the audience. I cant even say Veeraputhran is a completely honest film.Lots of compromises were there. First of all the film… Continue reading Veeraputhran

Indian Rupee

Indian Rupee.. Simple, Honest and Delighting. A cinema with a strong message that is very much relevant in these times. Money is not Everything, that message was conveyed very neatly and simply by Ranjith. There are no action sequences, not even a single SLAP of family melodrama. There is no sentimental romantic scene. Everything was… Continue reading Indian Rupee