Bavuttiyude Namathil

Every element used in Bavuttiyude Namathil has the typical feel of many Malayalam family entertainers. But the performance of the title protagonist, the cool and natural dialogs and the relevant theme makes this movie a pleasing watch. Added commercial flavors have made the movie a bit unconvincing at moments and some cliché scenes could have been conceived in a better way. Apart from that Bavuttiyude Namathil from the pen of Ranjith is a delightful family entertainer.

The movie narrates the story of Bavutty, driver of a real estate biggie Sethu. Bavutty has amble freedom in Sethu’s home and he is almost like family. Sethu’s wife Vanaja is also a kind heated village girl and the family moves on smoothly. On a certain knot, Vanaja’s past life becomes an issue in the family life. How Bavutty solves this issue and saves the family from the verge of destruction is basically the theme of the movie.

Well, we have seen this kind of savior, elder brother safe zone characters of Mammootty. But this time the kind of natural humbleness in the character attracts us to the movie. And also the warm relationships showed along with situations that we can relate to makes this movie a smart presentation. The fake ethics, desperation of the helpless and many other such real life shades are smoothly embedded in this G S Vijayan film.

On screen Mammootty is simply smooth and superb as Bavutty and his language slang is in total control. Kavya finally gets a chance to dub and speak in her own slang and voice and she has done it with ease. Shankar Ramakrishnan was cool as Sethu in the beginning portions were the character demanded only coolness. But in the emotional sequences in the second half, his face wasn’t expressing the things correctly. Even though it was just a character Kaniha delivered her career best. Vineeth was really awesome and the way he managed the Kasargode slang was also really cool. Harishree Ashokan, Rima Kallingal, Sudheesh and many others in the cast was also impressive in their characters.

In the making, G S Vijayan’s direction showed some hiccups in handling some sequences. “Anuraagathin Velayil…” was a bit too long considering the nature and expectation of Bavuttiyude Naamathil. He could have used different tactics for showing the scenes involving Shanker Ramakrishnan as he is an inexperienced actor. Apart from those two hiccups the making was a satisfying one. Ranjith’s script is a smart one indeed. The pace of the movie is quite gentle and there aren’t many complexities in the narration. The inclusion of recent social developments such as the political views, home cinemas etc were really nice. More than the script it was the dialogs that impressed me the most. Funny or serious, it had a different feel and the way Mammootty delivers these kinds of dialogs makes the scene really appealing. Music wasn’t that impressive but the lyrics were. Cinematography is satisfying.

On the whole, Bavutty is a pleasing one time watch. If you are willing to expect something pleasing rather than surprising, this movie wont disappoint you. I am giving 3.5/5 for this Capitol theater production. Good is the least you can say about this one.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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