Saw “Dr. Love” from Calicut Kairali. There wasnt any big rush for ticket. Balcony was 70% full. First of all “Dr. Love” is a watchable average-good movie. It is not an excellent movie. But surely you will not regret the time you spent inside the theater. The director and hero can take the full credit for that.

Story revolves around Vinayachandran played by Kunchako Boban who lives a difficult normal bachelor life. Because of his ability to help people in solving ROMANCE issues he gets a chance to enter the college, that also to solve a romance issue of a Professor (played by Innocent) But after entering the campus, he helps a student Sudhi (Played by Malarvadi fame Bhagath) to get his lover Manju (Vidhya Unni) and thus he becomes the Romance Consultant alias Dr. Love of the college. Then he gets a new patient, Roy (played by Hemanth). His lover is the Character played by Bhavana, but she is kind of boyish, over smart character. The main thread of the story is Vinayachandran’s attempt to get Roy his love and how the past of some characters effects these efforts.

The film works for a few reasons.
Its never boring. Dialogues are always there to backup the movie’s mood. Kunchako Boban has done a really good job as Vinayachandran. There wasnt any unwanted scenes. Neatly taken cameo appearances by Lal and Asif Ali. Titling was different. Music by New Comer Vinu Thomas was really catchy. Actually the music helped the movie a lot as it is a romance number.

Performance vise, Bhavana did a neat job. Bhagath wasnt that comfortable at the beginning but as the movie progressed he also progressed. Manikkuttan was impressive. Roy played by Hemanth was a good one, considering the nature of the character. Ananya also did a memorable character. Vidhya Unni, Aju Varghes (Kuttu), Rajath Menon etc has only small roles (when looking at no. of scenes). Rest of the cast includes veterans like Vijaya Raghavan, Nedumudi Venu, KPSC Lalitha, Innocent, Bindu Panikker etc.

Technically also the film has a good backup. Music, BGM, Cinematography etc were of good standard. No UNWANTED songs. Everything were in sync with the movie. Even the useless character of Salim Kumar was used effectively.
Screenplay and Dialogues written by the director himself was really good. Some lapses are there, but as a whole “Dr.Love” of K.Biju is a good package. You can expect better ones from this director in the future. He has some good intentions.

My Rating for “Dr.Love” is 2.5/5.

Final Thoughts

It is not an excellent movie. But surely you will not regret the time you spent inside the theater.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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