Last day Saw “Chaappa Kurishu” (Sorry for the late Review)
The movie is of to bad and avg reviews. And some people feel that its a good movie. Well my opinion is its a good attempt. It might have failed to impress most of the audience. But its not a crap movie, at least for me.

The film is about Ansari and Arjun who are living two entirely different lives.. The first half of the movie shows the life of these characters… The story takes the twist when Ansari (Vineeth Sreenivasan) who is living a humiliated life decides to shift gears in his life when he gets the phone of a stranger Arjun (Fahadh).

Direction wise movie is different. I felt it refreshing. Screenplay is also kinda good. Dialogues are on the normal side. No punch dialogues though. The way Vineeth uses his Thalassery slang was funny.

Different style of direction
A loud performance by Fahadh. Vineeth did well in his largely mute role, Vineeth’s pair Nithya has a good future, A bold portrayal by Remya Nambeesan.
Climax fight was really real. Thumbs up for that fight!!
Songs where mixed nicely
The movie was shot using a Canon camera worth 87000 Rs.. (I hope I m Correct) That needs a special appreciation.

For a mass audience, its kinda dragging movie
The director failed to convey the desperation of Ansari. The biggest problem with Chaappa Kurishu is that its release date. It should have been released after two or three years.

I Appreciate the effort by Sameer Tahir and Listin Stephen to setup a different movie.
My rating 3.5/5 (3 for the movie and .5 for the attempt)

Strictly my personal Opinion!

Final Thoughts

It might have failed to impress most of the audience. But its not a crap movie, at least for me.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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