Saw “Mere Brother Ki Dulhan” today with a 60% balcony audience. The movie is not that bad, but not that good too. The mood of the movie completely lies on the second half. As you can guess from the title and trailer itself, the movie is about Khush(played by Imran) who is on a mission to find a girl(Katrina) for his brother(Ali Zafar) But after finding and fixing the marriage, they realize that they are in love. The second half of the movie is the core which contains Imran and Katrina’s attempts to get married without making any EARTHQUAKES.
As I said earlier first half is relatively dull. Introducing the characters n all.. The Dhudki Song was kinda exaggerated one. In the first half director is confused about the genre of the movie. Uneven mix of romance, melodrama and comedy.
The film gets into its mood in the second half with solid performances from the three leading actors. There were some really funny and cool scenes in the second half.
Performance wise every one did a superb job. Imran was cool. Katrina in a ENERGETIC role was really good. She and Ali Zafar were on top Notch in the second half. Imrans dad and Kareena’s bro (I meant characters) were also good.
In the Technical side there is not much to boast about. But still they have done it neatly. Direction could have been better. Screenplay is not that smooth in first half. Music is good.
Mere Brother Ki Dulhan can not be said as a crap movie. Its a watchable commercial entertainer. My rating for director Ali Abbas Zafar’s “Mere Brother Ki Dulhan” is 2.5/5
Its a nice onetime watch.
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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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