Saw the John Abraham starer FORCE, the remake of Tamil Block Buster “Kakka Kakka”. Well, except for the climax part I felt FORCE is better than “Kakka Kakka”. By the word better I mean the making style. It is not a scene by scene copy of “Kakka Kakka”. The makers have made some creative Modifications in the story line. Direction style was also Impressive.

John and Genelia did their roles very neatly with good on screen chem. But the onscreen sync of Surya & Jyothika is still the better one. One very big plus of FORCE is the villain Vishnu played by Vidyut Jamawal. Damn good!!. He was much much better than Jeeva. His martial arts skills and a dupe-less intro fight made the audience whistle and he was good in acting too. Well performance wise John did a neat job. I didnt felt bored. Genelia’s bubbly character was a delight to watch. All the supporting cast were also good.

On the behind the screen side, direction was impressive, screenplay had a nice pace. Dialogs were not that boring. Action sequences were good, except for that first one (Kinda too much) . Camera work was also impressive. Almost all the action sequences involving the villain had an edge of perfection. Songs were also captured decently.

On the negative side, I would say they failed in only one area. CLIMAX. It is the same as that of K-K. But it missed something. The desperation of Surya’s character to find the villain was nicely taken by Goutham Menon. But in Hindi, Nishikanth Kamath failed in that section. It was all too quick. Such an awesome villain with amazing Martial Arts abilities n all was killed too quickly. If those area’s were rectified the film would have definitely won many rave reviews. The climax fight was good, but a racy thriller like FORCE needs another level of it. And also that Tattoo getup of John with sleeveless T shirt for an undercover COP was also a too much. (Marketing strategies I guess)

I would have given a 3/5 (Good) for force. But for “disrespecting” such a cool villain I m giving it a 2.5/5(Average).
FORCE is a well made movie. Becoz of the breezy climax it becomes a one time watch.

Final Thoughts

FORCE is a well made movie. Becoz of the breezy climax it becomes a one time watch.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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