Just came back home after watching the Mohanlal- Sathyan Anthikkad teams “Snehaveedu”. Well a beautiful creation of the director was spoiled by a totally unconvincing climax. First 2 hours of the movie is SUPERB. Last 20 minutes spoiled the complete movie.

The movie is about Ajayan’s (Mohanlal) life and how his normal village life changes when a boy comes in to his life saying that Ajayan is his father. The plot is interesting. The character of Ajayan suits Mohanlal for his current look n all.

Brilliant performance by Mohanlal as Ajayan. Comedy was done quite brilliantly by him. Debutant Rahul Pillai played the role of Ajayan’s son Karthik. Boy did a nice job, especially in dialog delivery. As a new comer, he was more than impressive. All the other veteran actors gave a solid performance for this movie. Sheela as Ajayan’s Mother Ammukkutty amma, Biju Menon as his police friend, Innocent as Karingannan Mathai, KPSC Lalitha as Mathai’s wife, Lena as Biju Menon’s wife and Padmapriya as… who?? I dont think she is opposite to Mohanlal.

Technically, Direction, dialogs and screenplay are of good standard for the first 2 hours. But then the story goes to an unwanted twist and the complete fun was spoiled. The “Thaen Kudikkunnu Parakkunnu Paraaganam”, Karingannan Mathai intro scenes etc were really funny. Family sentiments are there. The Cinematography of Venu was very catchy especially in songs. Ilayaraja’s songs sounded different from previous Sathyan Anthikkadu Movies.

The feeling that there is someone for us will give us a a lot of hope in life. Thats the message director trying to convey through his movie. But unfortunately the execution failed.

I would have given only 2.5/5 for this movie. But for a beautiful first 2 hours and a brilliant performance of Mohanlal I am giving Sathyan Anthikkad’s Snehaveedu a 3/5.
Its not a crap movie. Its a misjudgment of director.

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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  1. I completely agree with your review. The climax disappointed me too. But it was not because of the screenplay or Anthikad’s misjudgment. All these happened due to Biju Menon’s date issue. His commitment for this movie has over and the movies was not packed up. Climax scened were yet to complete. Also he had another schedule in Thailand for 3 months at the same time. So it was a crucial time for Sathyan Anthikkad.

    It is clear from the movie itself that in the climax scenes wea cant see Biju Menon. Especially Ajayan going to Chennai. As usual in such a critical condition Biju Menon should accompany him. Right??? So we can’t say the movie was not upto the expectation. Directed had written something and he was forced to shoot something else !!!!

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