Saw Ajith’s 50th movie MANKATHA directed by one of my favorites, Venket Prabhu. Theater was 70% full.

Well the movie is supposed to be a stylish action thriller, but I felt that style and action was too much that you might loose the thrill. Die hard masala action entertainer fans will LOVE this movie. All the ingredients for such an audience is there. Glamor, Style, Action and an ‘ok’ story.

Ajith (alias Vinayak) is a suspended bad cop and he is planning to steel 500 Crores of IPL betting money. He joins another gang of 4 youngsters who are also on the same robbery mission. Arjun plays the role of Special branch officer Prithviraj who is also trying to cease this money. First half is good as it has all the ingredients in somewhat perfect measure. But in second half its action chaos. All the characters are trying to take the stolen money.

Performance wise everyone has delivered a good on screen performance. Ajith as Vinayak was really cool. Venket Prabhu has used him effectively. Trisha’s role is kind of a built up one. But she did it neatly. The four young guns were also good. Arjun delivered a good ACTION KING performance. Small glamorous role for Lakshmi Rai.

Technically direction of Venket Prabhu is still a variety. Dialogs were also good. But the story at most times is too much exaggerated. You might say that Tamil films are like that. But when you watch the movie you will understand that the makers are trying to make these look natural. Cinematography is impressive. VFX is good at times. But very poor in some scenes. Some shots in that BIKE Chase was really impressive. Music Yuvan Shankar Raja and BGM are really cool.

The intention is to make a action thriller like, what you say “Die Hard” type. But too much heroism and twists spoils the feel. After watching the movie you will surely have some HOWs and WHYs in your mind.If you are a fan of Tamil Action films or Ajith’s glamor, you will enjoy it. I havent lost my hope in Venket Prabhu. But MANKATHA is an average movie.

My rating for Thala Ajith’s 50th movie MANKATHA is 2.5/5.
Too much style, too less Substance.

Final Thoughts

The intention is to make a action thriller like, what you say "Die Hard" type. But too much heroism and twists spoils the feel.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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