Saw the new hindi release MAUSAM starring Shahid Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor in leading roles. Well MAUSAM fails to understand the pulse of audience at most of the times. Very much dragging.

Let me tell you in detail. Ofcoz its a love story between Harry Singh and Ayath(Sonam). Its a story that traverses almost 10 years (1992-2002). Pankaj Kapoor’s idea is kinda cool. Going through major incidents in the history and connecting it with characters and making a love story out of it. But becoz of its dragging nature almost 70% of the movie becomes a tiring watch. If somebody says the excuse that its a style, I would recommend them to watch Taare Zameen Par. Made Like an offbeat movie but managed to make people watch it.

The first half of the first half was really good. Smooth humor. You will really love Shahid’s comedy. Thumbs up for that. Soon after the beginning of the second PHASE(and face), the movie starts to drag. Dialogs were good. But the execution made it look too filmy. The making style will never give you the feel that the film will be comedy (Happy Ending). Situations created by the director towards the climax were too much filmy in my view. Overdose of melodrama in situations. Thankfully it was less in dialogs.

In the on screen side, Shahid Kapoor has delivered a brilliant performance. Sonam is good. All others like Anupam Kher also did a neat job. As I said earlier Shahid’s comedy style in the first half was simply cool.

Off screen side, direction and dialogs are good, But screenplay tests our patience. Binod Pradhan’s Cinematography needs a special mention. Some gorgeous frames were there. VFX was pathetic. Those war scenes were not at all convincing.

MAUSAM is a mix of old and new style of movie making. For me its just an average movie. An interesting theme executed in an uninteresting manner. It will be better if you watch it in dvd. Because you can pause or fast forward while watchin dvd .

In my view director Pankaj Kapoor’s “Mausam” is only a one time DVD watch. You can have your own views. I just said mine.
My rating 2.5/5

Final Thoughts

In my view director Pankaj Kapoor's "Mausam" is only a one time DVD watch.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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