Saw Joshy’s much awaited youthful movie SEVENS from Calicut Coronation. Its been nearly one week after release and the movie is running HOUSEFUL. Theater was Packed with teenagers.

Coming to the movie, it disappointed me. The idea was good. Seven young bloods, a backdrop of football and a thriller mood. But the problem with SEVENS is that the movie is an outdated predictable thriller. There is nothing very special about the movie. Unwanted melodrama at some places can distract the audience.

The movie is about SEVENS, seven friends who plays football. Everyone with their own problems. They get into trouble when they get involved in QUOTATION jobs. The performance of actors were good. Asif ali and Kunchako Boban did a really good on screen performance. Rest of the leads Rajath Menon, Nivin Pauly, Vijesh, Ameer, Aju and Vineeth Kumar also delivered a standard performance. Female leads Bhama and Rima had only very few scenes. Maniyan Pilla raju as Habeeb was impressive. Nadia Moidu also delivered a solid performance. Ameer has a bright future if he gets a role which will have something to act. The guy played Bhama’s brother and the villain Beypore Sreedharan was also promising.

In the technical side, direction wise its a regular Joshy style movie. Dont expect any change in style as it is a youthful movie. The screenplay is average. I felt the dialogs were too filmy on most of the occasions. There were some good dialogs too. Attempts to show someone getting back to a normal life (Bhama’s Bro’s character) were not that convincing for me. Action scenes were average. People might have appreciated Ajayan Vincent’s camera work, but I felt he wasnt at his best in the movie. Well, there were some impressive piece cinematography from his side, but compared to his previous works it wasnt enough, atleast for me.

As a native of Calicut it was a delight to see many familiar busy places of Calicut city and the audience were also clapping when such scenes came on screen. Overall SEVENS is a regular Joshy style movie, but as I said in these times of TRAFFIC, SALT n PEPPER, SEVENS is an outdated movie.
Go with your friends for this movie, you will have a nice time inside the cinema hall.

My rating for SEVENS is 2.5/5.
Its not a bad movie. The intention is good, but the execution is not that satisfying.

Final Thoughts

Sevens is not a bad movie. The intention is good, but the execution is not that satisfying.


Green: Recommended Content

Orange: The In-Between Ones

Red: Not Recommended


By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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