Almost every aspiring filmmaker might have had this wish of doing an action movie where the hero is in a different land, fighting mighty villains, doing all the exotic stunts like jumping from buildings, crashing cars, etc. And if you try to build a story around that wish, the conviction factor will bother you because […]

Kakshi Amminippilla

In some ways, Kakshi Amminippilla is an extension of the recent Malayalam hit Thamasha. Both movies are social satires that show the fascination we have towards external beauty. Even though Kakshi Amminippilla has this approach against body shaming, the greater emphasis was given to the idea of an ideal marriage. Kakshi Amminippilla is a small […]


On a concept level, Luca directed by Arun Bose had the scope to be a very compelling thriller with the layers of a love story and a criminal investigation. And it does become that eventually. But the path taken for that takes a lot of detours and distractions, diminishing the charm the movie deserved. Even […]

Annabelle Comes Home

Annabelle Comes Home, the seventh installment in the Conjuring franchise is one movie that isn’t scary for a large part of its runtime. I have to say that this franchise is losing its charm as the horror movie traits are getting repeated frequently and we don’t feel any uniqueness to these films. Like almost all […]

Kabir Singh

Kabir Singh directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga is like the best case scenario of a highly problematic film. You may feel empathy towards the alcoholic, disoriented condition of the hero. But what he was before that and the way this film tries to justify his behavior is an extremely difficult thing to digest. And what is […]

Men In Black: International

In Men In Black: International there were two points at which I was like “Have they censored a version exclusively for India?”. When Tessa Thompson arrives at the MIB London headquarters, she and Liam Neeson are watching Ashish Chanchlani’s YouTube video on a giant screen. And then when Agent C starts complaining about the behavior […]