When the promos of the new Khalid Rahman movie Unda came, there was an evident similarity with the Hindi movie Newton.  But Unda is not exactly an adaptation of Newton. Even though both movies are exploring the reality of the northern states like Chhattisgarh, Unda has a greater range as it has this comparison between […]

Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix is considered as the last possible film in the Fox-produced X Men franchise, which is arguably the most confusing movie franchise with a totally messed up timeline. Directed by Simon Kinberg, the movie has a couple of breathtaking action sequences, but beyond that, it’s a really underwritten movie with no real emphasis on […]

My Great Grandfather

When I saw the initial moments of the new Jayaram movie My Great Grandfather, I was petrified feeling that I am in for the sequel of Ulsaha Committee. But the Almighty was a little bit kind and decided to reduce the torture and gave me another version Achayans along with the old Jayaram cliché of […]


When you select a subject that is based on a true event of a big scale, the big question is which part of the whole process will be your focus. The writing trio of the movie Virus, Muhsin Parari, Suhas and Sharafu, has managed to crack that part and this cinematic interpretation of the Nipah […]


Bharat is like a constant tussle between the director’s intent and a star’s larger than life persona. Ali Abbas Zafar, the only director to carve out the actor in Salman Khan in the last decade (referring to Sultan) or so has many plans for this movie. But he is constantly under this pressure of catering […]


Thottappan is an affecting experience as the characters in it and their subtle ways of showing care and love will stay with us. The movie deals with the inner emotional aspects of those seemingly rough people. PS Rafeeq manages to add layers to his major characters using a lot of minute other characters and by […]


Thamaasha is a beautiful comedy that endearingly portrays the concept of identifying the real beauty in people. The movie directed by Ashraf Hamza is frequently hilarious and towards the end, it becomes a totally affecting tale. Through so many rooted and real characters, Thamaasha navigates through the flaws and insecurities of a normal human being, […]