ROCKSTAR was one of those movies were the feedback of the Audience disappointed me. You can not expect every movie to be either a common man’s story or a no brainer fun film or an out an out action one. ROCKSTAR is about JORDAN, a pop sensation. Sadda Haq song might have given us the impression that film has too much social commitment. But thats not true. The films soul can be told in the song “Jo Bhi Mein Kehna Chahu…” Becoz, all the conflicts in the story is due to, people around Jordan failing to understand him.

Well talking about the movie, the first half is fully entertaining!! Ranbeer’s geeky style and the slow transformation will make us laugh. Lots of funny scenes are there in the first half and Ranbeer can take a good amount of credit for those. Films goes to a slow pace towards the end of first half and the pace of the second half is not gentle. Placing of the songs was really good. In my view the negative of ROCKSTAR was the lack of perfection in the execution of the sequence where Ranbeer gets arrested in Prague. That scene couldnt make much fire in the minds of audience which was essential. The imperfection in that sequence made almost all those Kissing scenes look a little awkward, as if they were made to entertain some % of audience.

Performance wise Ranbeer has given a Mind Blowing performance!! I wont be amazed if he gets a national award for this performance. The fellow has worked very much for making his Jordan avatar perfect. Nargis Fakhri as Heer is beautiful, but her acting was a little weak. Shammi Kapoor’s guest role was also a memorable one. I loved Ranbeer’s combination scenes with him.

In the making side, Director Imtiaz Ali can be really proud. Such a good directional venture. A very smooth screenplay and some good dialogs also goes to his credit. Anil Mehtha’s cinematography was also really cool. Can see a variety of style in the camera department. Another top class work in the technical side is Aarthy Bajaj’s Editing. Spot on!!. Editing really backed the narration style of the movie. And last but the BIGGEST.. Music of Rahman. Audience clapped for almost all the songs. Without his rocking music ROCKSTAR is nothing.

The fact that the movie’s story doesnt have to do anything with any Hollywood flick itself makes the movie unique. Acknowledging a powerful performance by Ranbeer Kapoor and awesome music by ARR I am giving 3.5/5 for Director Imtiaz Ali’s ROCKSTAR…
ROCKSTAR is not a hyped movie like Ra.One. It is a honest creation from Imtiaz Ali.
From the theater response I got, I am sure that there will be a lot of comments against this review. You are welcome..

Final Thoughts

ROCKSTAR is not a hyped movie like Ra.One. It is a honest creation from Imtiaz Ali.


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By Aswin Bharadwaj

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