The Adventures Of Tintin

Saw The much anticipated Steven Spielberg movie “The Adventures of Tintin”. Well, in one word its real fun. There isnt any big ERROR to point out. The basic story is about finding the treasure behind UNICORN (people who have seen the cartoon or read the comic will be familiar with it). Even if you know the story line, you will love the making of the movie.
The film begins in the typical Tintin style of mystery and violence. But gradually it moves to the level of fun and chaos. Actually the real fun side of the movie begins after the entry of Captain Haddock. His love for alcohol and many other brainless acts will make you LOL for sure. The eagle chasing sequence was really amazing!! Both fun and technical amusement!! Haddock fueling the plane, Tintin’s first meeting with Haddock, Haddock’s story telling and many more scenes are there to entertain you!!
As it is an animation movie, I have to talk only about the technical side. Visually, the movie looked stunning for me. They have used the Motion capture technology (Used in AVATAR) for this movie too. Well whatever be the technology, it made the movie’s outer look EXCELLENT. Much similar to reality. Execution of some sequences were BRILLIANT. As I mentioned earlier the scene were Tintin, Haddock and Snowy chases an eagle was an amazing piece of STUNT Choreography!!
It is a kind of movie were the screenplay and direction will make you laugh more rather than the acting and dialogs. Tintin is a unique mixture. Becoz it has realistic feel through animation, but still the comic style is there. It can equally satisfy both adults and the kids with its descent Jokes.
Climax might disappoint some of you as it is not a BIG BANG type. But still that climax made me happy, becoz a BIGGER, FUNNIER and THRILLING Sequel is coming.
Tintin will be one more movie in to the Series of SERIES Movies. With Mr Steven Spielberg’s directional brilliance, we can surely expect more silver-screen magics in the coming years.
I am giving 4/5 for Steven Spielberg’s “The Adventure’s Of Tintin”
Its the perfect movie for you to RELAX and ENJOY!! Thumbs Up!! 🙂

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By Aswin Bharadwaj

Founder and editor of Lensmen Reviews.

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