The Dark Knight Rises

The epic conclusion of one of the trilogy that’s been there in the minds of audience for around 9 years is indeed a classic one. Christopher Nolan amazes us again with his impeccable way of making fantasy movies. The multi layered narration and signature style direction makes this movie a truly amazing cinematic experience. I… Continue reading The Dark Knight Rises

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

 Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter directed by Timur Bekmambetov is a movie that tries to add fiction to some existing facts but fails to impress the audience with a script that follows the normal twists and turns. Apart from the occasional visual effects extravaganza there isn’t much there in this movie that could make this movie… Continue reading Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

The Amazing Spider man

The new refilled version of the web master is an impressive creation. The Amazing Spider man is a movie with more sci-fi rather than too much of inferiority of the title protagonist. Makers have successfully made this movie an entirely different Spider man first part with total reconstruction of the script. My first impression about… Continue reading The Amazing Spider man

Men In Black 3

The latest edition of the MIB series is definitely a different one. While the previous packages relied entirely on fun this one goes a little beyond that and adds some emotions in to it. Well, will the audience accept this added flavor? That will decide the success of the movie. The movie revolves around agent… Continue reading Men In Black 3


Contraband starring Mark Wahlberg and Kate Beckinsale is an action flick that doesnt follow any unique path. The movie has the pattern of a typical hollywood smuggler movie. The twists and turns are familiar as we have seen these kind of narrations in tv shows and similar other movies. Chris Farraday is an ex smuggler… Continue reading Contraband


“Avengers” is simply a thrilling entertainer with the cliche super hero theme of Saving the world. What makes it a really good entertainer is the treatment which manages to contain all its leading protagonists with equal importance. The makers can take a great of amount of credit for making this movie an awesome thrilling visual… Continue reading Avengers

The Adventures Of Tintin

Saw The much anticipated Steven Spielberg movie “The Adventures of Tintin”. Well, in one word its real fun. There isnt any big ERROR to point out. The basic story is about finding the treasure behind UNICORN (people who have seen the cartoon or read the comic will be familiar with it). Even if you know… Continue reading The Adventures Of Tintin