Usthad Hotel

A movie with so much inspiring thoughts, commercial entertainment and natural presentation is tough to find. If you are looking for such a movie, Usthad Hotel is the one for you. A movie with a charming script filled with inspiring emotions. I believe the spark behind the movie is the real life story of a… Continue reading Usthad Hotel

Namukku Paarkkan

“Namukku Paarkkan” directed by Aji John is a sincere attempt to make a feel good movie with a plot that can surely be called as a common man’s story. Because of a bit dragging second half and the amount of darkness towards the climax the rhythm of the film is spoiled. The movie is about… Continue reading Namukku Paarkkan

No 66 Madhura Bus

“No 66 Madhura Bus” directed by M A Nishad is a poorly made outdated revenge movie that doesnt really have the substance to make the audience connect with its soul. A straight forward revenge plot extended with unwanted characters and situations. The cliche revenge twists and turns are too predictable that audience with minimum IQ… Continue reading No 66 Madhura Bus

Bachelor Party

Bachelor Party directed by Amal Neerad is yet another proof to the fact that the director is talented, but he needs a script with some special content rather than AK 47 and black jacket. A thoroughly enjoyable first half and a totally downer second half filled with typical Amal Neerad style of hijack, killer deals,… Continue reading Bachelor Party


Spirit directed by Ranjith is undoubtedly a superb film. Ranjith continues his signature style of making socially relevant movies with required blend of commercial touch ups. The relevance of the theme is the biggest plus of the film and it conveys its intention correctly to the viewer. Spirit is a satire about the alcoholic nature… Continue reading Spirit


“Vaadhyar” directed by new comer Nidheesh Shakthi is a below average cliche malayalam movie which has nothing fresh to claim. The movie can be said as the beta version of M Mohanan’s “Manikyakkallu”. While Manikyakallu had a heart, Vaadhyar tries for a too much commercial exposure. The backbone of the movie is same as that… Continue reading Vaadhyar

Veendum Kannur

The movie Veendum Kannur is definitely a movie that addresses the issues in Kannur. But as a movie it is a below average creation. With a run time of around 1 hour 40 minutes, I think the movie is a quickly wrapped up one. The movie tries to convey a message to the current communist… Continue reading Veendum Kannur

Thiruvambady Thamban

“Thiruvambady Thamban” from director Padmakumar is a big let down. The director who started of his career with movies of content is now seems to be following the typical Malayalam film formula for commercial success. “Thiruvambady Thamban” is almost like a rubber band. A very small and irrelevant topic stretched out and added with masalas.… Continue reading Thiruvambady Thamban