Molly Aunty Rocks

Molly Aunty Rocks directed by Ranjith Sanker is a movie that will surely please you if you are not looking for mere commercial entertainment. Ranjith Sankar who concentrated on social issues in his previous creations once again keeps that vision in mind, but this time it’s a bit more fun. The movie can be loved… Continue reading Molly Aunty Rocks

Raaz 3

Raaz 3 is supposed to be a horror story and ultimately it is a horrible story. The storyline is the backbone of any movie and for Raaz 3 that backbone is too silly and brittle. With a lot of cliché treatment in the horror side of the movie, this childishly scripted movie is a tiring… Continue reading Raaz 3

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The one and main good thing about the movie Ozhimuri is that it’s not a single character oriented movie. It travels through the perspectives of each person in a three member family. A man who hates his wife because of the feudal nature of his mother towards his father, A woman who doesn’t want to… Continue reading Ozhimuri


If you are someone who madly loves the dark knight series of Christopher Nolan for its amazing narration, you should not watch the latest movie from acclaimed director Mysskin. It is such a childish desi version of the batman. The first half of the movie doesn’t really makes us feel that the script has something… Continue reading Mugamoodi

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Run Baby Run

Mohanlal’s onam release Run Baby Run, directed by Joshy is a smartly crafted movie. It is not a path breaker or trend setter, but it’s definitely a thriller that will give the audience the expected pleasure. A fresh plot and reduced level of cliché makes RBR a good one time watch. The plot basically revolves… Continue reading Run Baby Run

Expendables 2

Expendables second part is a bizarre mix of cliché and predictability. A too simple story line with unwanted special appearances to give it an all star feel has literally destroyed the entire movie. Apart from some brutal fight sequences and occasional cool dialogs, there is nothing in the movie to make it an interesting watch.… Continue reading Expendables 2


Megastar Mammootty’s eid release Thappana is a movie that doesn’t offers anything new and ends up in being a disappointment. Made on the same platform of Mammootty’s earlier comedy successes like Thuruppu Gulan and Mayavi, this one just doesn’t have that element to keep the audience indulge in it. Apart from Mammootty’s well executed comedies… Continue reading Thappana


Friday directed by new comer Lijin Jose and scripted by Najeem is an attempt that failed to complete its task. Made on the new generation trend of parallel narration of multiple stories, Friday fails to link the stories strongly. The expected bonding between all the stories didn’t work out as it was supposed to be.… Continue reading Friday