Khiladi 786

It seems that Akshay Kumar himself has forgotten what he used to do as Khiladi, one of Bollywood’s hot favorite franchises. A name that was almost the last word of action in Bollywood has been turned into a brand name of brainless idiotism. Targeted for huge commercial success, Khiladi 786 is one big tiring watch.… Continue reading Khiladi 786

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Circle of life, frustration of minds and the struggle for life, a combination of these emotions expressed in a parallel narrative could be the best way to introduce director Sunil Ibrahim’s venture “Chapters”. Cinema is a medium that has some advantages over normal stories because of its visual side and Chapters definitely tries to do… Continue reading Chapters


Some experiments are wild and impressive. But Poppins from V K Prakash is nonsense and humiliating. I am clueless about the spark of this movie. They might have used this title for representing the various shades of the stories in the movie. But the making and scripting was unbelievably irritating and I almost lost my… Continue reading Poppins


Chettayees from director Shajoon Kariyal was expected to be a fun movie. The movie has some amount of fun but not much to make the audience ROFL. They have tried to make the movie in a way that avoids usual unrealistic melodrama. It really helps the movie in creating a nice ambience, but sadly the… Continue reading Chettayees

Face 2 Face

When V M Vinu announced his new project Face 2 Face, I was quite skeptical about the movie as the plot seemed to be an out of the safe zone one for his standards. Well my thoughts weren’t that wrong after all. Face 2 Face is just another investigation movie that doesn’t have the spark… Continue reading Face 2 Face


After “Rock star”, Talaash is one movie that made me a little restless because of the thumps down reaction of the audience. The only problem with Talaash is its promotions. The movies trailers and teasers give us an impression of an investigative thriller. But the truth is that, the movie is a rare kind of… Continue reading Talaash

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Scene 1 Nammude Veedu

Director Shaiju Anthikkad’s new movie Scene 1 Nammude Veedu is a sincere effort from the crew. But the resemblance in the situations used by the makers to navigate the story with its ancestors makes this movie not so appealing in terms of freshness. Director Padmakumar made Vargam as his version of Devasuram. And I think… Continue reading Scene 1 Nammude Veedu


The only positive about the movie Ardhanari is that it discusses an issue that rarely gets a place in the limelight. Through a usual emotional drama, the director is trying to convey both emotional and social issues faced by hijadas. Even though the movie is loyal to its intend, the outdated style of making makes… Continue reading Ardhanari