Last Night saw the recent Hindi movie Stanley ka Dabba. Must say its a beautiful movie. Sweet, Simple and a touching one. The film is directed by Amol Gupthe, the creative director of Taare Zameen Par and of course the thampuraan of URUMI. Mr. Gupthe has done a fabulous job in both direction and acting… Continue reading STANLEY KA DABBA

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Saw Salt n Pepper yesterday from Calicut Coronation with friends!! Its a very very good movie. It is not a thriller. Its just pure comedy!! Ashiq Abu and team has done a fabulous job in making this small and sweet movie. As the tagline of the movie says… oru dosha “undaakiya” kadha. From the title… Continue reading SALT N PEPPER


Saw “Delhi Belly” last night. In one word its AWESOME!! Well, I am not saying that the impression you had about the movie after watching its trailer was wrong. You are right!! Movie has vulgar scenes, vulgar dialogs… But the good think is that you are gonna ROFL seeing all these vulgar stuff!! From the… Continue reading DELHI BELLY

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Saw “Transformers- Dark Of the Moon” two days back… The film has not got much critical appreciation.. But for me it was an Excellent visual entertainer with a descent story. The third part is about a PILLAR technology devoloped by Cybetronians. The ship Ark lead by Sentinel Prime Crashed at Moon and NASA understood this… Continue reading TRANSFORMERS-Dark Of The Moon


Saw AADHAMINTE MAKAN ABU from Calicut “Sree” today. The guy in front of me got the last balcony ticket.. So sat in the lower section. But the audience was standard and silent. FULL HOUSE!! AADHAMINTE MAKAN ABU proves one thing that to make a world class film we don’t need to go for global themes.… Continue reading AADHAMINTE MAKAN ABU


Well I saw the movie ” Social Network” today. It was released in India last Friday. Its the story of Facebook. As we all are so addicted to Facebook I will say this movie is a must watch. Its a different movie , because it is a real life story and we cant expect a… Continue reading SOCIAL NETWORK

Marykkundoru Kunjaadu

Saw “Marykundoru Kunjadu” Today with friends. Its a good movie, enjoyable from beginning to end and surely worth a watch!! Humor is good & only Dileep can do this kind of roles!! He has handled the comedy neatly. Biju Menon did well in his 90% mute Role!! all the actors did good in their space.… Continue reading Marykkundoru Kunjaadu


Yesterday I saw KungFu Panda 2!! In One Word its HILARIOUS!! Couldnt stop laughing even after the movie. Po, Love U!! The story revolves around Po’s quest to know about his origin. The “INNER PEACE” move is the “THING” of the movie. Technically Superb Animation. Nice mix of 2D and 3D animation. There are a… Continue reading KUNG FU PANDA 2