The latest Malayalam movie Uriyadi is directed by AJ Varghese who directed the entertaining light-hearted comedy Adi Kappyare Koottamani. Uriyadi is a victim of bloated scripting. There are so many irrelevant tracks in this movie that are just there for the sake of making this one look like a comedy movie. And towards the end… Continue reading Uriyadi


For the first 20 minutes of the movie Kamala, you might get a feeling that director Ranjit Shankar has decided to change his game plan and has opted to go after grey and complex subjects. But very soon (somewhere near the introduction of the character played by Sunil Sukhada) the movie starts to sound ordinary.… Continue reading Kamala


If you are someone who has seen the trailer of the latest Vineeth Sreenivasan production, Helen directed by Mathukutty Xavier, you might have made some guesses about the story of the movie. And the movie is mostly following that story. But the good thing about Helen is the way it maintains the tension. As the… Continue reading Helen