In the initial phases of the new Prithviraj starrer Kaduva, which marks the comeback of ace director Shaji Kailas, you might get a feeling that this is that “what if Shaji Kailas directed Ayyappanum Koshiyum” kind of film. That’s because the fragile male ego is a crucial factor in defining the film’s central conflict. But… Continue reading Kaduva


What I found fascinating about debutant Chidambaram’s movie Jan-e-Man is that the margin for error is extremely thin for this film. The plot of the movie has two extremes that have a stark contrast. But the way it culminates made me admire the writing of this film. Chidambaram takes this plot that feels like a… Continue reading Jan-e-Man


At one point in Shaji Azeez’s Wolf, Asha, played by Samyuktha Menon, is vehemently arguing with her male chauvinist fiancé Sanjay on why she should have his approval on everything she does with her life. The way Asha counters each patriarchal statement by Sanjay was a refreshing site to watch, and I even thought I… Continue reading Wolf