Chathuram Review | An Interesting Character-Driven Drama That Fizzles in the Final Act

A woman who has lost everything deciding to use everyone who wants to exploit her to build an empire of her own is an idea that looks fascinating but is not necessarily novel. In the movie, the heroine herself admits that her story is shown in many old Malayalam films. But Chathuram uses the framework… Continue reading Chathuram Review | An Interesting Character-Driven Drama That Fizzles in the Final Act


Sibi Malayil is a filmmaker who has made masterpieces whenever he has opted for character-oriented dramas. His combination with Lohithadas was always cinematically compelling as they portrayed their heroes as vulnerable human beings. This character-oriented approach has been missing in Sibi Malayil’s films in the last decade or so. I am not saying his new… Continue reading Kotthu


The character of Madhi, played by Vikram in his new release, Cobra, has this hallucination problem. And if my guess is correct, that could have been the germ of the idea that made Ajay Gnanamuthu make this film. But the film is a tedious one that just goes on and on with either flat thrill… Continue reading Cobra


Domestic abuse and abusive relationships have been the themes of many movies in the recent past, and Darlings from Jasmeet K Reen gives it an entirely different look by treating it as a black comedy. While the structure in totality is somewhat guessable, the movie smartly maneuvers into those murky areas of a problematic relationship… Continue reading Darlings


The focus of Kuruthi is on hatred among people like “them and us” and how it has always been a baton passed from one generation to another generation. Kuruthi, written by Anish Pallyal and directed by Manu Warrier, isn’t taking a side here. It is almost like this balancing act where we see two communities… Continue reading Kuruthi


There is no denying that the movie Varthamanam is a direct attack against the ruling government and its hyper-nationalism driven policies. Starting with the Rohith Vemula incident, Aryadan Shoukath is trying to include every act of the system against the minorities and the Dalits in this country. But how hard-hitting is the treatment is the… Continue reading Varthamanam