Kunjananthante Kada

Kunjananthante Kada is a film with two dimensions of social and personal ego. It’s not a preachy movie that tells us what to do throughout its narrative. It just flows naturally and shows us what’s wrong in our attitude. With similar backdrops and characters of his earlier film “Aadaminte makan Abu”, director Salim Ahmed has… Continue reading Kunjananthante Kada

Madras Cafe

Adding fiction to real events is a risky business and to make the audience satisfied with the way of conceiving is indeed a tough task. Director Shoojit Sircar’s third film Madras Cafe is one brilliantly made film that will surely engage you from the very first moment to its last credit. With a less compromised… Continue reading Madras Cafe

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An unconventional film that doesn’t have anything refreshing to offer; the latest film Olipporu, starring Fadh Fazil is a bizarre attempt to set up a social satire in the backdrop of literature. With a cluttered script that focuses too much on intellectual sarcasm and heavy characters that are hard to relate in the plot, this… Continue reading Olipporu


An unevenly emotional tale with a message that is contemporary; the latest film Kalimannu from director Blessy manages to make its audience smile at the last moment with its socially relevant theme. Even though the making lacks that appealing factor, the engaging conversations on some affecting topics make it enjoyable. The movie focuses on the… Continue reading Kalimannu


The same old rise of the underdog style storyline narrated in a slightly fresh way with fewer amounts of typical Tamil mass masala ingredients.  Thalaivaa from Vijay-Vijay combo is a movie that sets its stage interestingly but ends up in a very predictable fashion. While Vijay manages to shine in his character, the excessive screenplay… Continue reading Thalaivaa

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Pullipulikalum Aattinkuttiyum

Among the four eid releases, Pullipulikalum Aattinkuttiyum can be considered as the most conventional Malayalam comedy. Depending too much on the stereotypes we have in this genre, this craft from Lal Jose is an average film that’s worth watching once for its scattered humor here and there. The trailer did promise a typical entertainer that… Continue reading Pullipulikalum Aattinkuttiyum


Memories directed by Jeethu Joseph is a movie that expands in an impressive manner. The making has too much of typical feel, but the film gets a solid boost in the last quarter of its runtime and that helps memories in a huge way in making its audience applaud. With the central character performing exceedingly… Continue reading Memories