Super star Rajnikanth has this charismatic larger than life image on screen that has made him famous all around the world. Using him in a motion capture animation film and delivering a shoddy output cannot be justified if the makers say they have budget limitations. Constructed on a wafer- thin idea that has all the… Continue reading Kochadaiiyaan

Naan Sigappu Manithan

Shankar used multiple personality disorder in Anniyan, Murugadoss used short term memory lose in Ghajini and now it was Thiru’s chance to create heroism using disorders. He chose narcolepsy as the nucleolus of Naan Sigappu Manithan. But unfortunately Thiru couldn’t use this idea to a good extent. The plot diverts continuously and the film seems… Continue reading Naan Sigappu Manithan


The beauty of Cukoo lies in its innocence. With an emotionally high climax that has extraordinary performance from the leading man Attakathi Dinesh, Cukoo reaches its destination safely. Very fewer exaggerations compared to conventional Tamil film making and less melodramatic approach to the soul of the movie helps Cukoo in taking us along with it… Continue reading Cukoo

Nimirnthu Nil

Nimirnthu Nil directed by Samuthirakani gets derailed because of the confusion in treatment, whether to go commercial or stick to its heart. Made in the same platform of many Shankar films, this movie had the scope to become an influential film like Rang De Basanthi, but the compromises made to make it look filmy reduces… Continue reading Nimirnthu Nil


An atrocious analysis of sacrifice- that is what I can say about the latest Sasikumar starrer Bramman. The dialogue humors in the movie mainly by Santhanam and Soori keeps the movie alive at many occasions but the way the movie goes in to that Kadha Parayumbol / Kuselan mode is something totally crappy. On top… Continue reading Bramman

Goli Soda

We have seen a lot of films in Tamil that tries to narrate the story where a common man hero will fight against a mighty villain who spoiled his life. Goli Soda, the new film written and directed by Vijay Milton somewhat repeats the same idea; but takes a huge risk of replacing a commercial… Continue reading Goli Soda

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Idhu Kathirvelan kadhal

Plastic romance and unreal emotions embedded in lame story – that’s Idhu Kathirvelan kadhal for you. The director’s ultimate aim is to advise the younger generation to be more concerned about their parents rather than their romance; but with an expressionless hero and amateur story, the movie is just a dull product. Kathirvelan is the… Continue reading Idhu Kathirvelan kadhal

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Old wine in old bottle: Ajith’s latest movie Veeram is that recreation of those films which worked 10 years back. Wafer thin story line comprising of plastic sentiments, awkward humor and a whole lot of dusty fights to showcase the guts of our macho hero. Apart from some Santhanam jokes and stylized visualization of rough… Continue reading Veeram

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